Greg Moorcroft, Composer


Hire me to create exclusive music for your special occasion! Whether it’s a Birth, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Graduation, Wedding, Memorial, Christmas, New Year’s or other special event, I will arrange everything – composing the music, hiring the musicians, and your private performance (this can be done remotely).

You can choose the instruments, set the piece’s duration and specify composition details, as you like.


“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! Please let me know if you ever need a flutist in the future! Your music is just beautiful, and I have really enjoyed working with you!” – Jennifer Gosack Darwell, Flutist on Sandcat Lullaby and Vision Opening.

“Thank you for sharing your music… brought me serenity today… today was a rough day. I am grieving my dad’s death. It comes in waves and today your music helped me calm down. Thank you… beautiful. You have great talent!” – C.V, Chicago, IL, on Sandcat Lullaby.



Recently Completed

After the Sun, Symphonic Quartet – Guitars, Mandolin & Bass
Kyrie – SATB Choir
My Agitated Heart – SATB Choir & Strings
O Remember Me – SATB Choir
The Pearl Divers – Oboe, Santoor, Double-Bass & Percussion
Sandcat Lullaby – Flute, Viola & Harp
Two Promises – Flute, Clarinet, Piano & Strings

Sandcat Lullaby (2021)
Jennifer Gosack Darwell, Flute
Colleen Kuraszek, Viola
Nichole Young-Luchs, Harp
Recording by Colleen.

Truth and Beauty: the Artist’s Mission

We have a deep hunger – an existential need – for beauty, in the world, and in our daily lives. That is intrinsic to human nature. That’s what attracts us to a nice sunset, to fine music or artwork. That’s what draws us out into nature. The quest for beauty is part of our quest for meaning, without which life is pointless.

The artist’s task is to be a vehicle for creation, to manifest works that offer a glimpse of the sublime and beautiful, to remind us of what’s important, because – being caught up in current events – we are so often forgetting.

The artist’s responsibility is to transcend temporary circumstances (both external and internal) by showing us worlds of possibilities. As the shaman lives outside society but is always ready to offer spiritual guidance, the artist should not be distracted by transitory details, but instead offer us visions of timeless beauty, of eternal truths. The driving motivation must be love and goodwill.

The creative act takes place at the intersection of the material and spiritual worlds (feet on the ground, head in the clouds), and that energy comes from the spiritual realm. It is a gift, a visit, from a power that we can never command, but only hope to serve by channeling and offering it to others to the best of our abilities. False ego must be set aside for something worthwhile to manifest. Arrogance locks the door; humility is the key.

If I’m an artist, it’s because art comes through me, not from me. This distinction is crucial. Art is not about me; it stands on its own. I am merely a channel, and all the work I do to develop and refine technique is finally about opening the door to that sublimely beautiful power, getting out of its way and letting it resonate through me in the most honest way possible.

All of this is a decision and a discipline, which anyone worthy of the title “artist” must take very seriously. That’s where the fun begins!

Other Projects

eyes cast down

Soundscapes project, using electric guitars, synths, percussion, voices and more, claimed most of my work time from 2004-2019.

The project has 10 releases to date.

Live performances include The Gatherings and Star’s End Radio.

Mukunda’s Friends

Ecstatic/Devotional project, setting meditation chants with guitars, synths, accordions, percussion and more.

Photos: Wade Chandler (Suit), Daci Jett